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Destiny 2 Oracle location three
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April 24, 2024: We added the final three Oracle locations to our list.

If you're looking for Oracle locations in Destiny 2, you're likely trying to complete Into the Light's Oracular Seeker triumph to get the newly returned Karve of the Worm exotic ship. This spiky spacefaring vessel was originally called Thousand Wings, and was only available if you completed an Oracle-based puzzle in the heroic version of The Whisper mission.

Thankfully, getting the new version of the ship is a much easier process—you simply have to hunt down some Vex Oracles in the new version of The Whisper. Shooting these Vex nodes will also get you the White Nail intrinsic upgrades for the Whisper of the Worm exotic sniper rifle, so they're worth tracking down either way. 

While there are seven Whisper Oracles to find, there are currently just four available, so be sure to check back with us after the weekly update for more.

Oracle #1

You can find the first Oracle after you solve the initial maze puzzle and drop down into the caverns where the Vex structures start appearing. You'll come to a sloped Vex passageway with a red light at the end. Jump across and enter into the first big jumping puzzle cavern, but instead of carrying on, turn left to spy a little Vex wall with some lights sticking up.

If you're unsure you're in the right place, Xol should start speaking to you around this point. Jump over or around the barrier, and follow the ledge, before turning to the left. Here you'll spy the extremely bright Oracle. Shoot it until it breaks and you'll get the White Nail II intrinsic upgrade for Whisper of the Worm.

Oracle #2

The next Oracle is at the end of the first jumping puzzle cavern. After you cross the area and jump around the corner, you'll have to crouch along a little walkway with some slow-moving blocks that try to push you off the edge. After this, jump across to the other side and take the rising platform up. 

Instead of taking the usual left turn that progresses the mission, you'll want to keep going along the ledge and hop up onto the one above. Turn around and look up to spy a little white-lit opening with some Vex skeletons and an Oracle inside. Destroying this will get you the Karve of the Worm schematic.

Oracle #3

This Oracle is located shortly after you exit the first big cavern jumping puzzle. You'll pass through a long diamond-shaped passageway filled with moving platforms, before coming out onto a platform overlooking a series of ledges set into sloping pillars that you have to jump between.

Now, jump across the ledges until you reach the final platform with the door sliding up and down that leads out. Instead of exiting, turn around and look to your left for a Vex node you can shoot. Destroying this creates a small platform just below it. Hop across to find the Oracle and get the White Nail III intrinsic upgrade.

Oracle #4

This Oracle is accessible shortly after the previous, once you've gone through the Vex portal, and arrived in the big grass covered room with the stone orb at the centre. On the left side, near to the orb, you'll need to ascend the grass-covered ledges and follow them around the outside of the room until you end up back above where you first entered.

If you look down into the gap above near where the entrance is, you'll spy a ledge you can drop down onto with a small hole leading into a room that contains an Oracle. Destroy this to get another Karve of the Worm Schematic item.

Oracle #5

This Oracle is accessible shortly after the last if you drop through the dark crack in the floor that runs through the big grass covered room with the stone orb. You'll find yourself in a darkened room filled with taken thralls. Run to the far end, enter into a small corridor, and look to your right for a low passage leading into a room with the fifth Oracle. Shooting this one gets you the White Nail IV intrinsic upgrade.

Oracle #6

After you've exited the big grass covered room, you'll find yourself running on a very small ledge around the circumference of a Vex structure. Afterwards, you'd usually have to drop a long way onto a tiny platform to continue the mission, but look down to your left instead for a hidden space you can drop into. The Oracle is just inside. Destroying this one gets you another Karve of the Worm schematic.

Oracle #7

For the last Oracle you'll need to backtrack a little from the previous. Run back along the circular ledge until you're near the entrance to that big room. When facing towards the Vex portal gate in the distance, you should be able to see some platforms built into the cavern wall on your right. Hop across to these—you might need grapple, an eager edge sword, or a warlock to make the first jump—then climb until you find yourself looking down on the Vex gate structure. 

The final Oracle is just behind it. You can either drop down and destroy it up close, or snipe it from up high. This last one doesn't give you anything besides completing the triumph for the Karve of the Worm ship.

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