Where to find Archie in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Archie
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If you're searching for Archie in Destiny 2's Into the Light update, you're most likely trying to complete the Where in the System is Archie? triumph for the shader. This secret weekly quest sees the cybernetic canine going on adventures to each of the solar system's destinations, and you'll have to track him down based on a series of descriptions.

Some of these are certainly easier than others, but if you're stuck at all, you can use our list below to find out where the dog got to. Since this is a time-gated quest, only "Where in the Tower is Archie?" is currently available. As more drop in subsequent weeks, I'll be sure to add the Archie locations for each new destination as they appear.

Where in the Tower is Archie?

To start this quest you'll need to head to Archie's usual location in the Tower Annex outside Ada-1's synthweave workshop. Examine the glowing pawprints he's left behind, then go and talk to Ada to start the quest. 

Here's the solution to each location riddle in the order you'll get them:

  • Archie heard about something called "ramen" and had to see what all the buzz was about: The first location is the ramen shop off to the side of the Bazaar courtyard where Ikora hangs out. Look for the counter with the stools and the blue covering, and then head inside to spot the pawprints.
  • Archie wanted to go pay his respects to a famous gunslinger: This next location is, of course, Cayde-6's memorial just next to Zavala in the main section of the Tower. Look for the pawprints just below the bust of Cayde's head.
  • Archie took off past the security checkpoint to salute a feathered friend: For this one you'll need to head to the hangar. As you're entering via the steps into the main hangar area, look right past Amanda Holiday's memorial to spot a fallen and a chicken. The pawprints are just next to it.
  • Archie's last stop. He wandered into an open air duct in the hangar and might have gotten a little lost. A friendly security frame is keeping an eye on him: This last location is a little trickier to get to since it's inside the security checkpoint itself. Climb the stairs to the top of the hangar and jump across to the platform above the entrance. Now follow the obvious route ahead, doubling back on yourself through a door when you exit the vent, before finally entering the checkpoint to find Archie. 

Once you've given Archie some "pawsitive reinforcement" you can head back to Ada-1 to complete the quest. Your rewards are an expired ramen ticket, ten trophies of bravery, and the shader that you can claim in the secrets section of the Into the Light triumphs. 

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